A trip once across Germany

Our business services provide the most effective and comfortable use of your valuable time, no matter if you are travelling on business or for sightseeing. Luxurious limousines will pick you up from any European airport and take you to your desired destination - far away from stress or precipitance.

Germany's scenic routes

Another superb way to spend great holidays are Germany's scenic routes which lead from north to south and west to east, displaying the most beautiful parts of Germany. They enable you to get acquainted with day-to-day life in Germany in an attractive and fascinating environment. The Romantic Road was the first route advertised worldwide and still is the most popular one in Germany. There are over 150 scenic routings in Germany, chosen due to their unique landscapes or specific cultural themes. They were used for centuries by traders and rulers and so developed their own cultural and historic importance, embedded in beautiful and magnificent scenery...


The company's emphasis has always been the specialized needs of the discriminating traveller. In each country extensive experience and the intimate knowledge of the areas, language and the local culture allowes Münchina to create the best contacts for the type of tours requested by our clientele. In addition to the photos provided on our homepage, we supply images from any of the mentioned routes or events. We endeavor to deliver an effective administration, 24-hour fax and flexible response to customer enquiries. We also manage collaborative relationships with top companies in the wider travel trade to extend our client service offer.

The following is a sampling of the services we can offer to the discerning traveller:

- Special hotels (romantic-, castles and palace-hotels) in Europe
- Unique events like Formula 1 or a hot-air balloon ride in the German, Swiss and Austrian Alps
- Exclusive Limousine touring services
- Tickets to sports and music events/festivals/operas in most European locations
- Special guided city tours in significant European cultural metropolitan areas like Vienna, Rome, Paris, London and Barcelona
- Comprehensive and detailed day per day itinerary on each reservation with artistic and culture background of each country visited
- Just fill in our request form to receive your fast and reliable offer.

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Germany's scenic routes


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